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Conversion increase landing page with graphics

On the selling page, it is usually placed with a different type of content – text, graphics, video or something else. The text is more or less clear – it is a description of the goods or services are transferred the competitive advantages of the product. But what is the role of graphic content? Exactly how do images help to increase sales?

Semantic and thematic core of the site

Semantic and thematic - website - the concept that it is desirable to know to create and promote a website. How do they differ and what is the role in site promotion?

Behavioral factors and their role in the promotion of website

The usual link building to get to the top of search results will not succeed. Search algorithms now take into account many other factors when ranking sites. Search engines are keeping an eye on activities of visitors. Those resources that are more likeable, have great chances to get on the first line of issue. Behavioral factors are almost the main criterion in assessing the quality and relevance of sites.
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Главная Web-info Статьи

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