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Behavioral factors and their role in the promotion of website

The usual link building to get to the top of search results will not succeed. Search algorithms now take into account many other factors when ranking sites. Search engines are keeping an eye on activities of visitors. Those resources that are more likeable, have great chances to get on the first line of issue. Behavioral factors are almost the main criterion in assessing the quality and relevance of sites.

What behavioral factors and now you must optimize the website to get more attractive places in the results and attract traffic to the site? Behavioural factors are, in fact, a group of different indicators, which form the rating of popularity of the resource in the eyes of search engines. It takes into account the mass of data. This time of view pages, and the percentage of failures, and number of viewed documents website. Also take into account how often users return to the website from which sources they come, and if they leave, where they go.

The failure rate often comes to the fore. Here search engines take into account how to link users come to the pages of the considered resource and for how long remain there. If the person came under thematic link and interested in the content, then it will hold the pages quite a lot of time even to be located to additionally display other content of this site. And if people quickly leave the page, then the link has low relevance. Also taken into account and that where left by the user. If the user shortly after returned to the search engine, continuing to seek information on the same topic, it is also means that are presented on the website the information was not useful. All this adversely affects the rating of the resource, and leads to a reduction in positions. Therefore, it is important to care about the quality of the content and try to keep visitors as long as possible.

To promote behavioural factors, it is important to monitor the quality of the information on the site and its relevance. Also, an important role is played by the design and structure of website, number of ads, quality of graphics, ease of navigation, and other indicators. One word — usability. Users become Moody, they don't want to waste their time on trivial low-quality projects. It is quite obvious, because nowadays the Internet is oversaturated with different information. The user will not be difficult to find a more attractive website with the same content. Therefore, in order not to lose visitors, you will have to work with you to create a nice usability (so that users feel comfortable on the resource page).

To understand how to please customers, you can connect your Yandex. Metrica. This is a great analytical tool that allows you to track visitor activity on the website. The data obtained will allow you to understand what elements of the website need improvement and which are made perfectly. What prevents the user where they focus their attention to what part of the page users not look. All of this can be found using Yandex Metrics, and then spend quality optimization, eliminating the discovered deficiencies.

If possible, you can gather a focus group to test the usability of the site on it. So get to gather much more useful information. The main thing is not to let it go. If we are talking about a small project, you can search the forums of knowledgeable people who would have appreciated the project and suggested that made is bad and what is good. Not interfere with the ordering of the audit of the site's freelancers, or a good Agency.
Главная Web-info Статьи Behavioral factors and their role in the promotion of website