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Conversion increase landing page with graphics

On the selling page, it is usually placed with a different type of content – text, graphics, video or something else. The text is more or less clear – it is a description of the goods or services are transferred the competitive advantages of the product. But what is the role of graphic content? Exactly how do images help to increase sales?

Many sites post pictures on the selling page simply because they need to be (the page looks more vibrant, diverse and interesting). The most common argument in favor of adding graphic content – the desire to demonstrate the product to potential buyers, to form a more complete picture of the appearance of the product. Of course, all this is correct, however the graphics on the selling page, you can use much more productively. Below will tell you how to do it.
How to use graphics on the page to increase conversions

1. A clear demonstration of product benefits.

Typically, the main advantages are described using text. But what's stopping you to do it with the help of properly selected graphics? For example, if the main advantage of the product is its small size, it will associate it with something familiar to users of compact object (a phone, a box of matches, a tea mug, etc.). If the main advantage is speed, you to demonstrate you can create an animated image.

2. Gain trust from potential customers.

Quite often on pages that sell the place completely faceless image, for example, pictures with random people or mannequins. Perhaps it all looks nice, but does not contribute to the increase in the conversion. To make users trust, and with it the desire to buy your products, try to post on this page photos of real employees of the company or the Director. It is desirable that people were at work (or in the atmosphere, though reminiscent of the work). Otherwise, the visitors of the site can cause wrong associations.

3. Indication of direction.

Sometimes you need to visually show the user what he must do. For example, go to the bottom of the page, enter in the form fields with some data (email, name, or something else), push a button. Here's what you'll need images to put on their colorful arrows. Instead of arrows you can use some other elements, for example, a finger or a glance, pointing in a certain direction. The faster the user understand what exactly he needs to do on the page, the higher the chances that he will do it.

4. Demonstration of the possibilities that will get the user after purchase.

For example, the firm provides travel services. On the selling page has a picture of a resting man on the beach with a Martini in hand. The user, looking at this picture, automatically begins to put yourself in the shoes of this man. And his desire to get the permit becomes more tangible. Another example – the company sells sports clothes. The picture depicts a person engaged in morning jog in a corporate suit. Judging by the facial expression, people all satisfied and happy. And the user again puts himself in the place of this man.

5. Demonstration of goods in the context of anything.

On the pages of many online stores placed product photos on a white or transparent background. This technique visually separates the product from the surrounding space, it concentrates the attention of users. However, with this lost realism of perception. The placement of goods in the context is his shooting on the background of surrounding objects, shooting in a casual environment. Such photo much easier to understand how the product looks in real life, what are the sizes and proportions have. In some cases you can achieve very good effect, combining pictures on a white background with pictures in the context of anything.

A great way is to use developed by our Company a virtual online dressing room. It allows the user to see how does the product in real conditions. Upload a photo of your interior, your figure or your car user can buy the products for themselves.
Главная Web-info Статьи Conversion increase landing page with graphics