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Semantic and thematic core of the site

Semantic and thematic - website - the concept that it is desirable to know to create and promote a website. How do they differ and what is the role in site promotion?

The first term is the semantic core. Will try to explain its significance from a practical example. Suppose the firm for the sale and installation of plastic Windows in Yaroslavl has created a corporate website (with the aim of increasing sales and attracting new customers). Naturally, the owners of firms want to attract users to the site with the search engines for relevant queries, for example, "install Windows", "window installation", "plastic Windows Yaroslavl" and others. Why these queries? Because the people who came on them are more likely to use the services of the company (they are interested in these services and they are likely willing to pay for them). A set of similar target query and will form the semantic core.

Of course, users will come to the website, and other requests not related to ongoing goods or services. These requests, for obvious reasons, will not be included in the semantic core.

A list of all the promoted key phrases and words is usually made before the start of the development site. This allows for more competent assessment of competitors in the category, to determine the approximate structure of the future resource partitions and even choose the theme for one of the articles or posts.

As a rule, semantic - combines dozens or even hundreds of long-tail keywords. What do you mean low frequency? Frequency in this case is determined by the number of user requests per month with this key phrase (the less people drive the phrase into the search, the more low frequency it is). This feature is due to the fact that promote low-frequency queries is much easier (due to low competition). Yes and it is more likely to come to target interested visitors.

This files most often based on a semantic kernel is taken high or mid-inquiry (the topic of the whole website in General). Based on this initial query can be more specific – the medium and low frequency (of the topic sections of the site). Each of the resulting queries can be divided into a group of smaller – low-frequency (topic-specific articles and posts). In this respect, there is evident a certain hierarchy.

The second term is the thematic core of the site. It is less important in terms of SEO, so his drawing usually no one does. In most cases, theme - includes a set of key phrases, related phrases from the semantic core. If we take for example the above website, in its thematic core can enter phrases such as "the construction of plastic Windows, production of Windows," "Windows in Yaroslavl", etc. In principle, the subject is almost the same, but the visitors who clicked on these queries that are less likely to be interested in the services of the company.

Website promotion for queries of the thematic core may increase the overall attendance, and in some cases the number of trades (if the resource is a corporate). However, most often such promotion is quite profitable, as it is not conducive to attracting targeted visitors.
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